To keep your air conditioning or refrigeration system working like new, Kingaroy Refrigeration suggests you have your equipment serviced on a regular basis.

Some advantages of joining our regular maintenance program include:

  • Prevention of expensive breakdowns and also the reduction of the risk of having essential equipment out of operation.
  • Advanced warning that equipment may fail or become unreliable before it actually happens.
  • Improved efficiency of the equipment which can save you money on your energy bill.
  • The assurance that a technician will be available to assist with breakdowns and provide his expertise when required.
  • A maintenance contract with Kingaroy Refrigeration gives you immediate priority over non-contract customers.

Talk to us about joining our maintenance schedule to ensure your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is always running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

NEW on site pressure cleaning system

Kingaroy Refrigeration now has an On-site Pressure Cleaning System so we can clean and sanitise your indoor air conditioning unit on site. 
Over a period of time mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria can build up in your indoor unit creating a health hazard as well as causing inefficient running costs. 
Having your air conditioner thoroughly cleaned and sanitised will reduce health hazards, improve running costs and significantly prolong the life of the unit
If you think your air conditioner may need a thorough clean and sanitise with our On-site Pressure Cleaning System, call our office to arrange a service call.